World Binary Exchange: A Website Review

world binary exchangeFirst time visitors of the website, World Binary Exchange will definitely be surprised. Their marketing is very to the point and crisp, as can be seen from the website’s landing page. It is filled with images that portray dream-like images of a luxurious lifestyle, something that no one can resist. This, in turn, prompts the visitors to want to invest, all in in the hopes of a better life.

However, there are many people out there who know nothing about binary trading, and one might automatically assume that this website is made for those that know what they’re talking about. It is rather the opposite of that, as the web design as well as the messages on the website are sure to get even binary trading novices interested in it, meaning that the website was built in such a way that it can easily generate more clients. And so, just by looking at the home page alone, can prove how effective the website is at attracting attention.

Design & Layout
For a website to be considered attractive, these 2 elements are of utmost importance. It seems as though World Binary Exchange knows exactly what methods to use to grab people’s attention, as it includes everything that other top websites would have, such as the proper use of all the white space, clutter-free graphics, and minimalism in the first slideshow. This ensures that the website is easy on the visitors’ eyes. The aesthetic appeal of the website further increases because of the use of a consistent color scheme of blue and white throughout.

Another technique that they used was using the capitalizations, fonts, and highlights strategically. For instance, highlighting the estimated amount of profits in the homepage directing draws the visitor’s attention to it.

Since the site isn’t cluttered, the visitor’s attention doesn’t stray and goes right where the webpage wants it to. Additionally, the page that shows which services they offer are also color coded and properly aligned, conveniently pointing out to the potential clients their best deals and their individual packages.

They have also made it convenient for the clients to be able to fill the contact form, which one can do without having to go to their “Contact Us” page. On top of that, the website also proudly boasts different flags of all the prominent countries, proving their worth as an international business and as having clientele from all over the world. This further shows that the company involvement in important stock markets, which is a plus for potential investors, as this gives them credibility and makes them trustworthy.

The site has a perfect balance between graphics and text. The font used for their written content isn’t too small, ensuring that it can be read from a distance. Although the written content in this site is not as much as one would’ve hoped for, it still provides just the amount of information that is necessary for the target audience, which are potential binary trading investors.

Their “Packages” page is also well organized, as it is sorted from a price range of low to high. This is especially convenient for novices and first timers, as it eases them into the process and ensures that they don’t become nervous once they see the expensive packages. This technique of starting from the reasonably priced packages is a smart move to ensure that their visitors keep coming back.

Another noticeable factor about the written content of World Binary Exchange is the simplicity. The questions that they ask you is to the point, which include questions as such as “new boat?”, “extended vacation?”, “new car?”.  That is because they know that it will automatically appeal to the audience on a personal level. These questions may be small, but they are vital, and as a result, they end up being much more effective in comparison to long questions which the visitors might not have the patience to read.

The font sizes are yet another noticeable factor, as they change dramatically during important parts in order to direct the audience’s attention towards that particular portion of text. This contributes to a more generalized viewing of the website, ensuring that any confusion is avoided.

The writing style is surprisingly motivations, despite not being very long. The flow of the sentences are smooth and encouraging, as they are aimed at the first timers to try and get them to purchase their services. The “About Us” section of the website, on the other hand, contains all the jargons and technical terms that are not used anywhere else in the website. It also provides a clearer view of the company’s profile.

Audience Outreach
The website focuses more on the audience’s investment goals than the specifics of their company, something that is evident throughout. This is particularly what attracts the visitors’ attention, as it gives a warm and hospitable feel to the website as a whole. Except for the “About Us” section and the “Packages” section of the website, the entire site is dedicated to assisting and assuring the visitors of a pleasant and reliable experience.

One of the most professional and no-nonsense parts of the website has to be the “Packages” section. Everything has been clearly stated with stock market lists as well, which tells one which package operates on what stock market. Potential investors can easily see which markets each of the packages will give them access to. The packages that are trending can be easily spotted due to being color coded, as it easily separates them according to their customer base, for instance, novices and big shots. They have frequently highlighted the unique services for the VIPs as well, which makes choosing a package quite difficult for the investors at times.

The way they highlighted their monetary value is also admirable, as that clearly tells the audience that no hidden charges are included.

The website as a whole can be considered one big success, as it succeeded to become an engaging marketing medium for the audience and it also has great aesthetic appeal for anyone that visits their website.